Tummydrops, Natural Peppermint

Natural Peppermint

Why we love it

Tummydrops, featuring natural peppermint, serve as a holistic remedy for digestive discomforts. These drops harness the soothing properties of peppermint to alleviate symptoms of nausea, bloating, and stomach upset. Convenient and portable, Tummydrops offer a natural alternative to traditional medications, providing swift relief to those struggling with gastrointestinal disturbances. Their refreshing taste further makes them a favorite for many.

Pink Stork Organic Peppermint Sweets

Pink Stork
Organic Peppermint Sweets

Why we love it

Pink Stork Organic Peppermint Sweets offer a delightful, natural remedy for expectant mothers battling nausea. Made from organic ingredients, that can help alleviate morning sickness. The soothing peppermint flavor can calm the digestive system, offering relief and comfort, making pregnancy journeys a tad bit smoother for mothers-to-be.

Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On

Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On

Why we love it

Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On provides a convenient, portable solution for on-the-spot relief and revitalization. Its invigorating scent can help  combats headaches, and morning sickness. The cooling sensation can also offer some relief to sore muscles and tension. Compact and easy-to-use, it’s a natural remedy powerhouse for everyday ailments and a boost in mental clarity.


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