You Got This!

The Illustrated,
Grab-and-Do Guide for a Healthy, Happy Baby

The first-year baby basics made easier

Out in paperback, October 2021

The new must-have parent resource!

Honestly, having a baby can be complex and stressful. The Simplest Baby Book makes bringing up baby easier, reduces stress, and helps you gain the confidence to raise a healthy, happy baby, so you can spend more time enjoying what is one of the most magical experiences of your life.

The Most-Illustrated Guide

700+ instructive illustrations make learning faster and easier.

Baby Basics Made Easier

All the first-year baby basics distilled to their essentials make finding solutions to common baby issues quick and simple.

Instant Know-How

Clear explanations and practical steps provide the fundamentals for all key baby-care practices.

The Must-Have Lists

Every chapter starts with the essential list of products, providing a handy checklist for everything you will need for preparing the nursery, breastfeeding, bathing, sleeping, feeding, safety, traveling, and more.

Best of the Best from the Experts

Helpful advice and recommendations from doctors, nurses, and baby-care experts help make life just a little easier.

Daddy Hacks

Dad’s simple work-arounds and shortcuts for everyday baby issues.

My Story

My journey is proof that there is no such thing as a perfect parent: we learn to be the best we can be. Click below to learn more about me, my journey, and the Simplest Baby movement.

Kelly HayesThe book is packed full of great advice and solutions, it is probably one of the easiest first-year parenting books to read. Quick, clear and practical, with fun illustrations that make it the most entertaining baby book on the shelf.

Flo SunooAll the baby basics and need to know info in one place. Organized for easy use and beautifully illustrated. A must-have for first time parents.

Brad OngHaving read dozens of parenting books before this one, I wish I could get all that time back. It’s truly the only book you’ll ever need. It is super easy to navigate and the illustrations make it a quick study. I highly recommend to any parents who are busy and want the key information delivered in an efficient format!

Deanna GannThis book is just absolutely adorable! Like the title states it is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing a thing. Packed full of quick tips, easy made lists for supplies and clear and concise knowledge on what every new parent needs/wants to know. Like a one stop shop of all the right information and none of the exaggerated unneeded extras! Best gift for a baby shower for new parents.

Diane CoatesI wish I had this book when I had my son! This is an excellent resource for parents whether it’s your first child or second. Easy to navigate, well organized, and thoughtful. Above all I must admit that I love the much needed humor!

Melissa & Bryan CollinsReading The Simplest Baby is like sitting down with a trusted friend to get their secrets on parenting. It is a must-have for new moms and dads!