Birthing Balls

Extra Thick Exercise Ball

Why we love it

The Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Ball doubles as an excellent birthing ball. Its durability and extra thickness ensure safety during pregnancy exercises and labor. It offers comfortable support for various positions during childbirth, promoting flexibility and relaxation. A versatile and reliable choice for expectant mothers preparing for a smooth delivery.

Birth Ball

Why we love it

The Tumaz Birth Ball is an useful tool for pregnant women, promo9ng comfort and easing labor pains. Specifically designed for pregnancy and labor, it aids in preparing the pelvis, enhancing flexibility, and providing relief from backaches.

Peanut Ball Physio

Why we love it

The Milliard Peanut Ball Physio is a pregnancy and labor essential. Its unique peanut-shaped design provides excellent support for a variety of positions during labor and helps alleviate discomfort. Durable and anti-burst, it ensures safety and comfort throughout the childbirth process. A great tool for pregnant women preparing for a smoother labor experience.


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