Panty Liners

Thin Daily Panty Liners

Why we love it

Always Thin Daily Panty Liners provide women with discreet, everyday protection. Designed to be ultra-thin and comfortable, they ensure freshness throughout the day. Their absorbent core effectively handles light moisture, while the breathable design promotes air circulation. Perfect for daily use, they offer a secure barrier, ensuring confidence and cleanliness no matter the activity or occasion.

Anti-Bunch Xtra Protection Panty Liners

Why we love it

Always Anti-Bunch Xtra Protection Daily Liners Long Unscented offer exceptional comfort and security for everyday wear. Their anti-bunch design ensures a consistent, snug fit, preventing discomfort and promoting discretion. Being unscented, they’re ideal for those sensitive to fragrances. Offering extended protection, these liners inspire confidence, allowing women to go about their day with ease and peace of mind.

U by Kotex
Balance Panty Liners

Why we love it

U by Kotex Balance Daily Wrapped Panty Liners offer discreet, daily protection, ensuring women feel fresh and confident. Their individually wrapped design ensures portability and hygiene, while their breathable material minimizes moisture, reducing the risk of irritation. With optimal absorption and a comfortable fit, they’re a dependable choice for light-flow days or backup menstrual protection.


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