The 3 Top Bottle Feeding Positions & Techniques

Whether you are exclusively bottle feeding or doing a combination with breastfeeding there are a few bottle feeding techniques to know.

3 Top Positions for Bottle Feeding

Position 1: Cradle Hold

This is the standard method for holding a baby while feeding. Place the baby’s head and body in the crook of your arm and wrap your hand around under your baby’s bottom. Then, lift your elbow slightly to bring baby to an inclined position, with baby’s head higher than baby’s body.

As your baby grows and becomes more active, baby’s flailing arms start getting in the way. There is a technique for getting them under control while using the cradle hold. I call it the tuck technique.

Position 2: Lap Feeding

Sit down with your legs up and bent at the knees. Place baby with her back against your thighs, facing you, resting their head against your knees. Baby’s feet and legs rest on your stomach.

Position 3: Upright Feeding

This position is for older babies who have a bit more body control. You sit them up on your lap and let their body rest against your chest or inside your arm. The upright feeding position is helpful for babies who are dealing with acid reflux or gas.

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Cradle Hold – Tuck Technique

Getting control of those crazy little arms

Step #1:

While holding the baby cradled in your arms, tuck the baby’s arm that is against your chest between the gap under your armpit. Arm number one taken care of.

Step #2:

Using the hand not holding the bottle, continue to cradle the baby but also hold the baby’s exposed hand/arm. You now control baby’s other arm.


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