The Simplest Baby Book in The World


By Stephen Gross
Jeremy F Shapiro, MD, MPH, FAAP
Gabriella Terhes Karlsson, Newborn Care Specialist,
Doula/Sleep Trainer


The Simplest Baby Book in the World is the illustrated grab-and-do guide for a new generation of first-time parents who want their information quick, concise, and practical. It makes raising a baby simpler by curating and distilling all the first-year baby basics down to their essentials. You will quickly and easily find simple solutions and have proven techniques at your fingertips when you need them the most ‘whether it’s 2a.m or 2p.m.

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Forget about all the other parenting books.

The Simplest Baby Book is a game-changer for parenting.

Your grandmother had Dr. Spock, your mother swore by What to Expect, and now Simplest Baby is today’s grab-and-do guide.

The Simplest Baby Book is the illustrated guide for today’s first-time parents who want their information concise, straightforward, and practical. The majority of parenting books are too dense and overwhelming; The Simplest Baby Book gives the best, most up-to-date advice in an easy-to-grasp, delightfully illustrated, modern way. This handy go-to-guide reduces stress, making parenting easier, babies happier, and moms and dads feel confident and relaxed.

The Simplest Baby Book makes raising a baby simpler by curating and distilling all the first-year-baby basics down to their essentials. A grab and do resource with clear explanations, reliable steps, and 700+ playful, yet informative, illustrations. It covers everything from sleeping through the night, breastfeeding, and bathing to safety and solutions, to the most common ailments. You can quickly and easily find proven techniques and simple solutions at the time when you need them the most whether it’s 2a.m or 2p.m. There are also recommendations for the must-have products that make parents’ lives easier while saving them time and money.

The Simplest Baby Book provides access to the collective knowledge by capturing, organizing, and sharing the helpful experience and best practices of the community of those who know best — pediatricians, nurses, lactation specialists, nannies, educators and of course moms and dads.

The Simplest Baby Book is the baby-care solution for all of today’s parents both moms and dads. At a time when the role of men in providing childcare is increasing, and families come in all shapes and sizes, it is important that parenting reflects this new reality. The Simplest Baby Book does just that.

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“Seriously this is the best baby book I have ever read!!! And I read it all, have it all. I have a Master in Pediatric Nursing, I worked in Cedars Sinai as a NICU nurse, I took care of thousands of babies in the last 20 years and I wish this book would be available the entire time so I could recommend it to parents.”
Helen Vitaris, Pediatric NICU Nurse at Cedars Sinai

“As an early childhood educator for over 30 years, Simplest Baby Book in the World, will be required reading for educators and directors in my region! It should be given to every parent leaving the hospital with their newborn…along with their grandparents, aunties, uncles, and friends!”
Kim Thorstenson-Root Regional Manager, Bright Horizons Family Solutions

“‘The Simplest Baby’ skillfully decodes the essentials for surviving the first year of parenthood in a thoughtful, witty, accessible (and animated!) way.”
Amy Shapiro M.D. Pediatrics Specialist Providence Health & Services

“I love the way the book is formatted—it makes getting the information so quick and easy. The illustrations are fantastic—not only are they informative but super cute.”
Jennifer Levinson, creator and owner of Jen’s list


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