How It Started

As a new dad, I didn’t know much about raising kids and didn’t have a strong support group, living far from both our families. I found the information out there—books, websites, blogs, videos, etc.—all too dense, overwhelming, and not simple enough for today’s needs.

I did a lot of research through countless conversations with a community of those who know best—moms, dads, nurses, doctors, nannies, etc.—and distilled it to the essentials.

I realized that if I had this challenge, other new parents must too, as nobody is born a perfect parent; we learn to become one. And that is where the idea for Simplest Baby came from: to share this collective knowledge in a way new parents can get the solutions they need quickly and easily. To create a safe place that invites parents to share and support each other.

How It Works

Simplest Baby curates all the baby basics distilled to their essentials, by taking the best collective advice from the ones who know best: moms, dads, nurses, doctors, nannies, and educators, making it simpler for everyone.

Parents can easily and quickly find the simple solutions they need to raise a healthy, happy baby. They gain the confidence that they too can be good parents, the control that brings life balance, the value when shopping for baby, and they find the joy in the most magical journey of our lives.

Parents are part of the process. It is a community that continuously gathers and shares the best advice. When they say it takes a village, we are the village.

Let’s together help each other simply become the best parent we can be.

Meet the Simplest Baby Expert Contributors

Jeremy F. Shapiro, MD, MPH, FAAP

Gabriella Terhes Karlsson, Newborn Care Specialist / Doula / Sleep Trainer


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